My thoughts on Racism

I don’t post on social media about my views about anything controversial. The area I live in is full of people who do not share the same opinions as me and while I can appreciate everyone is entitled to their own opinions I can be quiet no longer. It does not bother me to be friends with people who view things differently, in fact I find it refreshing to hear different points of views on different issues, I just don’t want to spend my time arguing about it. I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that other people will not always share my view. However it is killing me to not address the recent events in America, so I must say something.

My family raised me to be accepting of everyone, I can not even fathom how people can see someone’s race and it affect their view or opinion of that person, since that’s just not how my brain works. I know I have my family to thank for that, and I am grateful that it is not difficult for me to look past race. While I can accept people’s other opinions, I cannot accept people to view one group differently based on skin color. There is no evidence that anything is different between a white person and a black person besides their skin color. A common saying I’ve heard a lot growing up is “theres a difference between a black person and a nigger.” The saying is usually followed by the person continuing with their offensiveness, “They’re loud, they’re dangerous, they’re poor.” However I can think of plenty of people with white skin that fit those descriptions as well, why do we ignore that fact? I may only be a high school graduate currently in college but I never learned that a person’s skin color was in control of their behavior. I also never heard that a black person and white person have different brains, which are what control behavior, so where is the logic behind discrimination based on skin color?

Racism is something deep rooted in America’s history. We have denied blacks the ability to buy land, vote, and get jobs. We denied an entire race the staples that would have allowed them to succeed and then criticized them for failing. Currently we alienate an entire race and expect them still to succeed in what I think is still a “white world.”

Then when black people start to finally realize the injustices done to them and attempt to start a movement, “black lives matter,” we decide to gloss over it with “all lives matter.” I’ve even heard the argument that it’s racist to say black lives matter. No. It is racist to deny a group of people, the ability to try to call attention to a serious problem in the United States. I can understand why it is frustrating to hear “all lives matter.” Because yes, personally I do think everyone’s life matters, but that is not was “all lives matter” means. It means, we are going to pretend that black people are not the victims so that we don’t have to stop being racist, we don’t have to address the issue, and most importantly to “fix” the problem we don’t have to do anything to benefit the black race.

It is my opinion that we will never truly defeat racism, I have seen it myself, passed through families, taught like teaching your child honesty or responsibility is racism right along next to it. I don’t know how many times I can say it, someone’s skin color has literally NOTHING to do with who they are as a person. Unfortunately because people seem to not be able to learn that, we have literally handicapped an entire race to the point that they have become a minority in a country that they had just as much a hand in founding. The black lives matter movement is not saying white lives don’t matter, it’s merely reminding us that black lives do matter. White people do not need a reminder that their lives matter, when has that ever come into question? While yes terrorist attacks and shootings have happened was it ever a question of if that person was shot because they were white? Did white people ever fear that because a white person was shot they were also unsafe? No, white people never had that fear, so why do we need the reminder.

I have never thought there was a higher form of ignorance than racism.

disclaimer: Everything said is my opinion so if you don’t agree with it thats fine, opinions are arguable and I know that. I just had to get my thoughts out on the subject.



Dream Big

When you’re eighteen years old you’re supposed to know what you’re going to want to do for the rest of your life. Well they say 18, because that’s when you start college, but really you should know around 16 or 17 because that’s when you’ll be picking which colleges to apply to and filling out applications. Let’s be honest, you’re really supposed to know what you want to do from the moment you’re born. When you’re little you’re asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” While no one explicitly says it’s not okay to know what you want to do at that age, you also don’t want to be the one kid that doesn’t have anything to dress up for on career day. Oddly enough we expect kids to have big dreams, like rock star oor president and laugh when they already want to be something serious like a lawyer. Then once you’re older, if you tell someone you want to be a rock star they hit you with the “What’s your back up plan?” So you’re telling me I’ve wasted my whole childhood dreaming about a future that can’t happen?

When I was younger I wanted to be a vet, that’s one of the popular ones that kids choose. It was also a career path that I was encouraged to pursue, probably because it was realistic. However despite my encouragement at a young age in high school people began discouraging vet school as well telling me “Getting into vet school is very hard, I hope you have a back up plan.” and “It’s very expensive are you sure you can do it?” and even, “Are you sure you’re going to be a good vet?” While I was met with opposition ¬†for my seemingly attainable career, I can’t imagine the negativity people who had bigger dreams faced. While I realized wanting to be a vet wasn’t for me, it wasn’t because of the struggles people thought I’d face, I just realized I had other interests in other fields I’d enjoy more. I just think it stinks for people who have big dreams that are attainable to them, but they don’t try because they’ve never had real encouragement.

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At some point in the recent decade the idea of entertainment changed drastically, especially for the younger generations. Which happens as a society progresses technologically and socially; however, the change has become more drastic recently. If you ask a child who grew up in the early 2000’s what entertained them, it would differ very much from from a child who grew up just ten years earlier. This I think will also influence what entertains them as a young adult. Just food for thought as I think about what entertains me and what used to entertain me.

My personal experience of growing up included a lot of time spent outside. I think this was also influenced by having a brother. (Clearly there are a lot of different influential factors to what entertains us.) I’d say I spent the majority of my time in my yard with the neighborhood boys, playing sports and catching the local wildlife. To this day those things still entertain me, just maybe not in the same way. I also gravitate more towards having male friends as well.

Being outdoors, I think, will always entertain me. From playing sports with friends to going on hikes and exploring my surroundings. When the weather is good I want nothing more than to be outside. Unfortunately for myself I have also become drawn to the modern world of technology. Netflix has played a big part in my bad habit of spending an entire day inside, never even knowing what the weather feels like outside. I think if anyone says that’s never happened to them, they’re probably lying. It happens to the best of us. However from the deepest depths within me, I wish things weren’t like that. Yes, I know I have the will power to turn the Netflix off and step outside, but truth is, I don’t want to. I’ve become so accustom to that being my entertainment that I don’t enjoy the same simple things I used to.

I’m not preaching against technology, trust me, I love it. I’m on my Iphone just as much as the next person, I have headphones in more than half the time, and I check social media at least once a day. I just never noticed how much it has changed us all so much in the sense of what entertains us. When I sat down to write this, it’s not the direction I planned on going in, it just kind of happened. Hopefully it’s made you think of how the perceptions of entertainment and what entertains us has changed.

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