Five reasons the “cool kids” were wrong about reading being uncool

I have no idea what it’s like to grow up not being a reader, having a mom that’s an English teacher really causes an emphasis on reading in the home. Even my dad, who was a math major, read books to my brother and me growing up. Maybe because I grew up this way I will always think reading is a cool thing to do, however most people don’t. All throughout my years of schooling I was told by the “cool kids” or jocks that reading was something nerds did, even being in honors classes students had that mindset. Let me tell you why they are wrong.

  1. Reading increases your vocabulary.

Without having to study lists and lists of words you can easily increase your mental word bank. You can read a book that actually interests you and while you’re enjoying the story you’re subconsciously adding new words to your memory. You can sound smarter without studying and while doing something you enjoy.

  1. Reading provides an escape from day to day life.

Reading a book can allow you to immerse yourself in a story that is unlike the life you currently live. You can use a story to remove you from your daily life. Like a watching a movie, a book can give you a different story other than your day to day life that you can focus on.

The different covers of Harry Potter
  1. Reading helps you relax

As previously stated books give you a different story from your daily life, allowing to distract from the stressful things going on in your life. While you’re focusing on the main character’s ailments yours seem to fade away. Whenever I have something stressful going on in my life, I’ll just sit down and read a book and let it take me away.

  1. Reading brings people closer together

Book series, even the less popular ones usually have a fan base, because of this you can connect with the other fans of the series. Another way books can help connect people is through book clubs which you can form with your friends or you can find one in your area of people you don’t know. Either way, they are great ways to bring people together.

  1. Reading allows you to step into someone else’s shoes

Without having to pay an expensive traveling bill you can experience what it’s like to visit London or Paris. You can see what it’s like to live in a different time period or even a different universe. Books written about a different world or universe can allow you to see and experience things that you never would have thought possible without running up a large bill.

I included a picture of Harry Potter, why? Yes it is my favorite series, I’ve seen all the movies and read the books. However the first time I read the books, I didn’t read them, my dad read them to me because I was too young. I grew up looking forward to spending time with my family via reading. I was raised on stories of the boy who lived, and now with my parents divorced and my dad having moved away, I can reread or even just think about the good times we had around Harry Potter. Not only did Harry Potter unite my family when I was younger, but it also brought me closer to my best friend at the time who also loved Harry Potter. It has a way of bringing fans together and with things like Pottermore the fans can keep the magic alive. This is just one example of why reading is so cool, among the others that I stated.