Extended Family

My family tree on my moms side is slightly messed up in the way that I call my cousins aunt and uncle because they’re so much older than me. My mom and her sister, my real aunt, are 13 years apart. Her oldest of three daughters, my cousin, is closer to my mom’s age than mine, and on top of that her three children are also older than me. My aunt’s second daughter has three children, the oldest of which is 5 years younger than me. I’m the awkward cousin with no one my age, except I’m not really the cousin, I’m the second cousin. On top of the extreme gap between my mom and her sister she waited until later in life to have children, which is another reason things are all mixed up.

Unfortunately all of them live in Texas so we only see them once a year and for a short time. We used to take trips to Disney about twice a year but with everyone getting older the idea of Disney sort of lost it’s magic. Now the youngest three are the only ones left that really want to go to Disney so when they come my mom and I don’t even pay for park passes and we just spend time with them at the hotel. It’s still worth it just to be able to spend some time with my cousins.

My dad’s side of the family is much easier to follow, sort of. My dad’s brother doesn’t have children so that keeps it nice and simple. However if you really want to get into the extended extended version of my dad’s family there’s more than I can count, name or think of. Every three years they have a huge family reunion, organized by the oldest women of the family, referred to as the aunts. There’s so many that they rent out an entire condo complex by the beach and I swear I never recognize anyone. Most of them keep in touch, I get a birthday card once a year from some of them. Which is fair since I don’t even know how I’m related to most of them. However I am one of the only ones in the family left with the original Sir name, even though I won’t be carrying it on. I guess it’s just a family tradition to have girls. I think my brother and two other cousins, who’s names I don’t even know, will be the only ones to carry on the name.

I may not be close with many of my extended family, but they are still family and in my experience, on either side of the family, if I ever needed something I wouldn’t be alone.

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One of my good friends likes to frequently, drunkenly, say “I’ve got family that aint blood and blood that aint family.” I think we can all relate to that. You’ve got that one family friend you refer to as “aunt” or “uncle” or you even have a best friend that you consider to be family. Which to me is rare, just because I don’t really enjoy getting that close to people, self protection and what not.

My family that is blood: My divorced parents, mom and dad, and then also my brother.

Family that is not blood: My best friend Hannah.

Currently I live at home with my mom and unfortunately my 22 year old brother. He’s not the easiest to live with, although I guess most siblings aren’t. We just moved out of our “family” home that my mom and dad built over 20 years ago when they got married. Somewhere small, where we’re all smushed together. ┬áNot the ideal living situation for someone who just wants to be on their own. Recently I’ve spent more time out of the house than in the house. Usually with Hannah. Or if I am home, Hannah is probably there or going to be there. I spend zero time with my dad, considering he moved to the keys this past summer, even though we keep in touch. This begs the question who’s my family?

I spend most of my time with Hannah and am closer to her than anyone else. However I grew up with and live with my mom and brother. While I know they are of course real family, but if we counted family as the people you spend most of your time with and are closest with then do they even count? Especially since this summer I’ll be moving out to live with Hannah full time, two hours away from where I currently live. And on another note, do you count your animals as family? I do.

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Entertainment Part II

I wish I was musically talented, and not just in the sense that I wish I could sing. I mean I wish I could create actual songs a beats to come together to make an actual full song. I listen to music constantly of every genre from country to rap and I wish I could somehow contribute to it. While I know I must have some sort of rhythm because I’m not a half bad dancer, or at least I hope not since I’ve spent a lot of my time growing up in a studio. However when it comes to the melody and beats there’s just no way I possess that talent. It’s slightly sad since I love music so much, but I suppose dancing is another way to enjoy music.

I danced at Cameron Dance Center from ages 3-18. While I know you don’t have to be good a dancing to be enrolled in dance classes, when I was a serious dancer I got asked to join their competitive team. My mom wouldn’t let me due to the traveling and costs involved.

Another thing I was involved in was soccer. I played at the local rec center from ages 5-12 and then played on my middle school team from ages 12-14. My first season we lost every game except our last. My last season we won every game and went to districts, where we lost.

Finally every Wednesday I would paint. I went to a small studio in my small town where an instructor would sit with me for an hour while I painted. She would show me techniques to improve my paintings but beyond that I was on my own. I did that up until 7th grade and when I got into high school and took an art class and then took an art class every year of high school.

Painting is probably the only thing left from my childhood that I still use to entertain me and even that is dwindling. While I still enjoy soccer and dance it’s hard to fit them into my schedule and find people my age to do them with me. At least with art I don’t need anyone else.

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At some point in the recent decade the idea of entertainment changed drastically, especially for the younger generations. Which happens as a society progresses technologically and socially; however, the change has become more drastic recently. If you ask a child who grew up in the early 2000’s what entertained them, it would differ very much from from a child who grew up just ten years earlier. This I think will also influence what entertains them as a young adult. Just food for thought as I think about what entertains me and what used to entertain me.

My personal experience of growing up included a lot of time spent outside. I think this was also influenced by having a brother. (Clearly there are a lot of different influential factors to what entertains us.) I’d say I spent the majority of my time in my yard with the neighborhood boys, playing sports and catching the local wildlife. To this day those things still entertain me, just maybe not in the same way. I also gravitate more towards having male friends as well.

Being outdoors, I think, will always entertain me. From playing sports with friends to going on hikes and exploring my surroundings. When the weather is good I want nothing more than to be outside. Unfortunately for myself I have also become drawn to the modern world of technology. Netflix has played a big part in my bad habit of spending an entire day inside, never even knowing what the weather feels like outside. I think if anyone says that’s never happened to them, they’re probably lying. It happens to the best of us. However from the deepest depths within me, I wish things weren’t like that. Yes, I know I have the will power to turn the Netflix off and step outside, but truth is, I don’t want to. I’ve become so accustom to that being my entertainment that I don’t enjoy the same simple things I used to.

I’m not preaching against technology, trust me, I love it. I’m on my Iphone just as much as the next person, I have headphones in more than half the time, and I check social media at least once a day. I just never noticed how much it has changed us all so much in the sense of what entertains us. When I sat down to write this, it’s not the direction I planned on going in, it just kind of happened. Hopefully it’s made you think of how the perceptions of entertainment and what entertains us has changed.

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I’ve never blogged before, unless you count Tumblr.com, but that’s more along the lines of look at these pictures I like, not actual written text. I’ve thought about starting a blog with texts posts but just never seemed to get around to it. Unfortunately I can’t say that I’ve finally got the drive to do this, it’s actually an assignment for my ENC 1101 class; therefor my posts will mostly consist of mandated assignments. I’d also like to say, if I’m being totally honest, I most likely won’t continue updating my blog after this class. Tragic, I know.

I grew up in a small town, which will remain unnamed, where you graduate with 90% of the kids you went to elementary school with. Some people might think that’s nice, and it is, to an extent. By the end of my sophomore year I was completely fed up with the concept of everyone knowing everyone and I craved change. Not being able to switch high schools I decided to dual enroll. I was 16, didn’t have my license and had to rely on people for rides. I applied late and therefor had to settle for a mediocre schedule with extended breaks. It was miserable, to say the least. A little over half way into my first semester I lost all motivation and my grades dropped drastically. I wasn’t invited back for another semester and had to return to high school.

When I went into college the first time, I think it was so hard for me to stay motivated because I was so lost when it came to my goals. Now, two years later and with the advice of two helpful teachers under my belt, I don’t think I’ll be letting myself fail again. My goal is to major in English and minor in economics. I will attend law school and graduate to be an animal rights lawyer. To anyone reading this, if it seems like I’m trying a little hard for a measly class blog, you’re right. This time around it will be different.

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