Choosing a career

At one point in my life I wanted to be a vet. That was around the time that I was four, when I was in fourth grade I still wanted to be a vet. I distinctly remember having a babysitter ask me “what do you want to be when you grow up?” and I confidently responded “I’m going to be a vet.” This is when she told me “My little sister wanted to be a vet, up until she was in third grade, she was so set in her ways.” I had to argue that since I wasn’t in third grade anymore it was past my time to give up on being a vet.

Around the time I was in middle school is when people started questioning me further. “Are you sure you really want to be a vet?” “Do you think you’d even make a good vet?” At this point in my life the only thing I could see myself enjoying was being a vet. Not because the job appealed to me, but just because I liked animals. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else, like a desk job or any other “normal” job.

In my early high school years I was confronted with more opposition. Even being told “You won’t make a good vet.” I got people suggesting I become everything from a teacher to a lawyer. My senior year of high school I joined my school’s speech and debate team. Where I got asked over and over again by my opponents, parents, and various coaches if I was planning to go to law school. At this same time I was taking AP Macroeconomics, where I somehow understood everything beyond the measure of my peers. Economics was oddly enough where I thrived, which was completely unexpected.

Even after I graduated I told people I was going to attempt to get into vet school. It wasn’t until I started my first semester of college that I finally knew what I really wanted to do with my life. I’d major in economics and attempt to get into law school. My whole life I didn’t want to change what I wanted to do because everyone was telling me I was going to. Once I got over that fear I realized that being a vet wasn’t going to make me happy in life. I had to decide my career for myself even though it took me a little longer than usual. It’s okay if it takes you a while, you’ll figure out what career you want to do eventually.

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