Entertainment Part II

I wish I was musically talented, and not just in the sense that I wish I could sing. I mean I wish I could create actual songs a beats to come together to make an actual full song. I listen to music constantly of every genre from country to rap and I wish I could somehow contribute to it. While I know I must have some sort of rhythm because I’m not a half bad dancer, or at least I hope not since I’ve spent a lot of my time growing up in a studio. However when it comes to the melody and beats there’s just no way I possess that talent. It’s slightly sad since I love music so much, but I suppose dancing is another way to enjoy music.

I danced at Cameron Dance Center from ages 3-18. While I know you don’t have to be good a dancing to be enrolled in dance classes, when I was a serious dancer I got asked to join their competitive team. My mom wouldn’t let me due to the traveling and costs involved.

Another thing I was involved in was soccer. I played at the local rec center from ages 5-12 and then played on my middle school team from ages 12-14. My first season we lost every game except our last. My last season we won every game and went to districts, where we lost.

Finally every Wednesday I would paint. I went to a small studio in my small town where an instructor would sit with me for an hour while I painted. She would show me techniques to improve my paintings but beyond that I was on my own. I did that up until 7th grade and when I got into high school and took an art class and then took an art class every year of high school.

Painting is probably the only thing left from my childhood that I still use to entertain me and even that is dwindling. While I still enjoy soccer and dance it’s hard to fit them into my schedule and find people my age to do them with me. At least with art I don’t need anyone else.

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