I’ve never blogged before, unless you count, but that’s more along the lines of look at these pictures I like, not actual written text. I’ve thought about starting a blog with texts posts but just never seemed to get around to it. Unfortunately I can’t say that I’ve finally got the drive to do this, it’s actually an assignment for my ENC 1101 class; therefor my posts will mostly consist of mandated assignments. I’d also like to say, if I’m being totally honest, I most likely won’t continue updating my blog after this class. Tragic, I know.

I grew up in a small town, which will remain unnamed, where you graduate with 90% of the kids you went to elementary school with. Some people might think that’s nice, and it is, to an extent. By the end of my sophomore year I was completely fed up with the concept of everyone knowing everyone and I craved change. Not being able to switch high schools I decided to dual enroll. I was 16, didn’t have my license and had to rely on people for rides. I applied late and therefor had to settle for a mediocre schedule with extended breaks. It was miserable, to say the least. A little over half way into my first semester I lost all motivation and my grades dropped drastically. I wasn’t invited back for another semester and had to return to high school.

When I went into college the first time, I think it was so hard for me to stay motivated because I was so lost when it came to my goals. Now, two years later and with the advice of two helpful teachers under my belt, I don’t think I’ll be letting myself fail again. My goal is to major in English and minor in economics. I will attend law school and graduate to be an animal rights lawyer. To anyone reading this, if it seems like I’m trying a little hard for a measly class blog, you’re right. This time around it will be different.

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2 thoughts on “Introduction”

  1. I also grew up in one of those small towns where everyone knows everyone. I know that feeling! I’m glad you found that motivation you needed for college success. Kudos to you for knowing what you want to do in life! 🙂

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  2. I never had any interest to dual enroll, I wanted my college experience to be like the movies. Quickly I realized that was soooo not going to happen. I also grew up in a very small town and small town sucks to an extent I also craved a change in high school.

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